Amelia Choo

Financial Services Manager

Amelia is a dedicated financial services manager who strongly believes in operating from the core values of honesty, integrity and sincerity.

Principles & Values

Amelia strongly believes that in order to be understood, one must first seek to understand.

Belief & Interest

Amelia believes in taking care of oneself before we are able to take care of others. As such, in her line of work, in order for people to believe in her work, she must first believe in her own hard work. As a wife and mother of one, she is a strong advocate for work-life balance, always striving for the next step by believing in her processes, learning from mistakes and always having the gratitude and appreciation to live life to the fullest.

Wall of Trust

Testimonials & Referral Notes

Chan Chee Wai

My wife and I are always busy flying due to the nature of our job. Any time that we had at home, is the precious time that we would like to spend with our son and family.
Over the years, I bought many policies that I’ve bought from various different agents, but I had a very vague recollection of what these policies could do for me. The whole insurance process always felt like a chore and a blur to me, until I happened to reconnect with Amelia a few years back.
I have known Amelia since secondary school, the qualities like her passion to help others, attention to detail, making sure things are being done well and in a right way, as well as placing other’s needs before her own, has transcended beyond secondary school. This was the manner in which she handled my family’s policies. Always patient, she assisted me with all the questions I had about my existing policies, sorted them out, and made sense of them. She also pointed out that most of the life insurance and savings policies that I had, were started by my parents. My wife and I both felt that this was a tradition that we would like to continue for our son as well.
With Amelia’s support in planning and experience in the insurance industry, she derived a specific portfolio that not only catered to our family’s needs as a whole, but to our individual protection needs and goals as well. She helped us increase our protection needs by a good 57% and our savings and investment portfolio by 150% to achieve a goal of $250,000 for both myself and my wife.
It is easy to purchase a policy these days but to have an agent that is able to work out the blueprint that can set us on our path to our future goals. Amelia is an agent on a whole new level!