Andrea Sim

Financial Services Manager

Andrea is the youngest child of 4 siblings to elderly parents. As a family-oriented individual, she enjoys traveling the world with her parents. Now, she is happily married with a baby girl and owns a car at 26 years old. She wants to assist individuals in achieving financial freedom and living a life they desire to have.

Principles & Values

Andrea believes that everyone should allocate and plan their finances from a young age, letting individuals know the importance of financial planning and achieving their ideal retirement plans. Nothing is impossible as long as one decides to take a step.

Belief & Interest

Starting financial planning at a young age has helped Andrea in planning for her family and future. After joining the industry at 21 years old, Andrea successfully became a house owner at the age of 22, despite still being an undergraduate.

With her experience, she aspires to help individuals to prepare and plan for their life at different stages.

Wall of Trust

Testimonials & Referral Notes

Muhammad Safwan

I came from a big household of 10 people. My income is about $3k per month and I lead a routine lifestyle. I have known Andrea since secondary school days, and she has always been someone that I look up to.

Being young and financially ready for the future is one of the best decision that I had made. Through her guidance and proper planning, Andrea has been really helpful in assisting me to manage my finances well. 

She is very responsive and easily contactable and that is very important as an agent.

With Andrea’s advice, I am able to lead a less worrying lifestyle. I would gladly recommend Andrea to anyone of any age if they were to have struggles managing their finances! 🙂