Jakes Ng

Financial Services Consultant

Being the only child from a single parent family, and having started his own family with his wife and 2 daughters, Jakes understands the financial commitments required and efforts parents put in for the family. Knowing that all parents want the best for the family, but having insufficient time and clarity in their ever changing financial matters, Jakes works with them to achieve the same goal; having a positive financial outcome.

Principles & Values

Jakes believes in chasing and focusing on things that align with what he targets for – which is to be able to live comfortably together with his family. To achieve that, he believes that deriving proper financial processes is important as it will not only be transactional, but also be able to manage expectations and suit the needs of the clients.

Belief & Interest

Jakes believes that everyone knows what is best for them, however not everyone is able to keep up with common concerns and new perspectives found in today’s context, which requires taking care of their own income earned in possible time constraints. Thus, he believes that parents should be able to balance catering for the family needs, but at the same time not neglecting self-requirements. He has worked with many clients in his best effort so that they do not face such circumstances. With active management from good financial habits and accumulative improvements, he wants his clients to achieve financial predictability.

Wall of Trust

Testimonials & Referral Notes

Mr Paddu

I decided to work with Jakes because of the patience he shows in his working processes. As a PR in the professional scene, my workload is heavy and therefore, I do not have time to look at financial matters. Despite having a good income, I did not manage my finances and was not aware of the things I had from CPF, as I was only relying on my company’s benefits.

Jakes clarified with me on my financial matters. This makes it easier for me to know my requirements and concerns before implementing as I do not have anything personally.

I am glad I met him as I would not have been aware of knowing how to plan as a PR due to many uncertain factors, which he had taken into consideration. This makes me feel comfortable and allows me to decide better. I have even recommended many of my colleagues to him.

Ang Yong Wei

Being a young mother with 2 children, I was afraid of any type of commitments with all the ad hoc spending required.
Jakes allows me to have an overall better visual on my financial timeline, especially after knowing my children will be studying in university at the same time.

I am most satisfied with the allocation he made to ensure I can improve on my plans in the long run. If you have just started a family, I will suggest you have a discussion with him to optimize your finances!

Mr Sevakumar s/o Subramanium

I was not exactly clear in the objective of insurance and wealth accumulation tools as they are always mixed up, and even terminated a plan I bought once before.

Jakes’s way of communication and sharing helped me to work on my wealth accumulation needs for retirement confidently. I am able to better decide from the options of tools he suggested after having a clear understanding of what I am entering.

He is highly recommended and I am impressed by how diligently he follows up with me, as he is easily accessible for any clarifications I have. With that, I do not need to look elsewhere for information.

Lim Yong Xiang

As a Full-time National Serviceman (NSF), I receive low allowances and I am also unaware of any financial related matters. I am also always hearing different opinions regarding the matter from different people.

Jakes helped me to have a good exposure on financial understanding and the different methods I can take to have a good financial foundation as a start based on my background. Most importantly, I am able to make decisions myself after going through his process. Thus, I will be able to have a head start on financial planning ahead of my peers!

If you are a young adult entering the workforce and wish to have good financial planning for your future, I will strongly recommend him!