Sherrie Tan

Financial Services Consultant

Sherrie works with clients on their financial planning through her guidance by devising future-proof ways of income protection and wealth accumulation, working towards safeguarding their financial stability. She believes in developing personalized and cost-effective solutions, to support individuals in their unique journeys towards their financial goals with assurance.

Principles & Values

Mutual trust and relationship-based, the people-first nature of financial planning calls for open communication and professional dedication. Sherrie understands the importance of offering detailed yet approachable explanations, to guide others in making well-informed and beneficial financial decisions for themselves.

Belief & Interest

Sherrie believes that with the right knowledge and planning, financial improvement towards any goal is possible. As everyone’s background and aspiration is unique, she works towards first establishing and understanding each person’s needs or requirements, before optimising their current finances and tapping on relevant tools – all in all to develop progressive and easy-to-understand steps that complement their best interests.

Wall of Trust

Testimonials & Referral Notes

Mr Ong Chin Tiong

Planning for my retirement has always been a complex and difficult task but thanks to Sherrie, my problem was resolved. 

While most insurance agents would typically resort to a hard selling approach, Sherrie  would patiently take time to answer all my financial concerns and propose suitable plans to meet my retirement needs. 

Being a professional financial consultant, Sherrie is able to understand the importance of offering detailed yet approachable explanations, allowing me to make well-informed financial decisions for myself.

Highly recommend  to anyone who needs a FSC to understand more on how they can build on their financial portfolios!

Tan Si Ying

Those who have worked with Sherrie or know her personally would agree that she’s a conscientious and dedicated individual, who takes on things with a sincere attitude. We first met as primary school students, and have known each other for more than a decade, with Sherrie gradually assuming an additional role of being my financial advisor early this year.

As someone who was trying to figure out and manage their finances right after graduating from university, Sherrie was a great help in my financial planning process. She took the time and effort to understand my personal needs in detail, while also providing guidance in terms of helping me to figure out my short-term and long-term goals. The meetings that we’ve had definitely prompted me to plan and take more active steps to work towards my financial objectives. I also appreciate that she was focused on helping me reach my goals through various recommendations.

I believe that Sherrie has the dedication and passion to excel in whatever she does. Knowing that your financial services consultant truly cares about you as an individual, and takes active steps to guide you towards reaching your financial goals, definitely gives you a peace of mind throughout your financial planning process.

Jashini Hubert

I got to know Sherrie from JC where we were both from the same CCA. She is a trustworthy person and when she reached out to me regarding financial planning, I wanted to hear her out. Her patience and ability to explain complex topics helped ease me into it. I am glad we got to reconnect and work together on this!